6 comments on “This week’s theme: Beauty

  1. Beauty is

    There is so much beauty around me:
    my daughter’s eyes, that on my face are common and average;
    the golden leaves that are shimmering
    even when covered with morning fog.
    There are fudgy chocolate brownies in the oven,
    laughter from the next room,
    piles of good books to read
    and pages of plans to be made.

    But sometimes,
    the only beauty I can see
    is a fictional me through your fictional eyes.
    the only place I can go
    is out with you,
    in the black shirt and boots
    that I have never owned.
    I create beauty around me like pixie dust,
    falling from my fingers with ease
    and none of it touches me
    I escape into you
    and wish I could escape from you too.

    All I am left to know
    is that beauty is.
    Not all around us
    not simply inside of us
    not in the little things
    or the things we’re supposed to cherish.
    Beauty is simply beautiful
    even when it only looks pretty
    even when it looks sort-of ugly
    but it will always be there for me to smile at
    when I am ready.
    I smile because of you
    and the most beautiful thing these days
    is that sometimes I smile
    and it has nothing to do with you.
    That wholeness
    is the loveliest thing yet.

    • Wow, Misha, this is… Wait for it… Beautiful! I love the more conventional objects — eyes, leaves, brownies. Because yes, yes they are! But I love how we can be something other through another’s eyes!… That imagination can also create a beauty that, while not as tangible, is just as real. But in the end, it’s the beauty that comes from within that can be the most powerful — that unvalidated smile — the one that “has nothing to do with” anyone but ourselves! 💚

    • Beauty is a topic that really got me thinking. I have been thinking about what makes us/me happy lately, and I am embarrassed to say that I left beauty off my list. But now it hits me as so obvious. Perhaps taken for granted by us all. Thanks for reminding me…

      • No kidding. It always amazes me how a small bouquet of flowers in the house can make such a difference in my mood.

  2. Because Beautiful

    Your heart is
    Bright, bold, brazen
    Enough to feel
    Every shade of color
    On the spectrum
    Of life.

    Your eyes are
    Burdened, beaten, blue
    Enough to flee
    Every opportunity for light
    On the inside
    Of you.

    Turn your gaze inward and
    Release that burning torch.
    Embrace your within
    Without focusing
    On what you are

    Because beautiful.
    Your soul is
    Beguiling, brilliant, bursting
    Enough to fly
    Every moment of breath
    On this journey
    Of love.

    • I like the accessibility of this poem, because I could see it applying to one’s child, one’s lover, just about anyone. It has such hope for the person, such knowledge of their depths and abilities – but manages not to sound preachy, like “what’s the matter with you?” It is full of love and encouragement. To me it also hints at vulnerability, in that it ends with opening to love.
      I like how you repeat mentions of eyes and soul/heart throughout. My favorite line is ‘burdened, beaten, blue.’ That is just perfect. Sadly, I know first-hand what that feels like – I think maybe we all do. Again, making the poem accessible to all.


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