One comment on “This Week’s Theme: BLACK

  1. Black

    This steamy beverage beckons,
    A tempting aroma wafts upward,
    Curling its finger in a come-hither call.
    Beyond its scalding touch
    There is mystery:
    Hidden flavors,
    Latent bitterness.

    And though my palms scream,
    I hold tight with both hands.
    My tongue and lips weep
    As the burn envelops my mouth,
    Yet ever do I take another sip
    Because its painful kiss awakens me,
    Enlivens me
    Like nothing else,
    Sliding through my insides,
    Warming every frigid corner.

    It jolts my senses to attention.
    I see with sharper eyes.
    I touch with softer fingers.
    I inhale it, taste it.
    Life is magnified
    While I indulge.


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