3 comments on “March 1 theme: SIX

  1. Several years ago a reboot of Battlestar Galactica came out on the Sci-Fi channel. It was not disappointing! The modernization of the story, the characters, the plots twists, the Cylons!… I was addicted!

    The coolest update was the addition of the humanoid Cylons. There were twelve versions in total, but the most memorable had to be “Six.” She was the robotic equivalent of Jessica Rabbit, complete with a curvaceous red dress. She oozed sex with every sultry, deliberate saunter, and at the same time betrayed her vulnerability in quiet moments lamenting her past actions. …”What actions?”, you may ask. Well, the destruction of the twelve colonies, of course, and the almost extinction of the entire human race. Yes, sexy and badass. That was Six.

    The hater in me wanted to find flaws with her, wanted to see her fail in every one of her incarnations. But I just couldn’t wish it. She was awesome! Encompassing within her gears a soul more human than some of the colonists, Six was out-of-this-world and a character of galactic proportions!

    • I loved loved loved that show, and I loved a lot of the humanoids…I didn’t always love six, but I felt like I understood her more than I expected. Did you ever watch caprica? I never got around to it.

  2. Here’s my 6: just in the nick of time! Tell me you don’t feel like this, parents.

    I am still waiting
    My beard is growing ragged
    I am still waiting
    For you
    To learn
    How to read
    The numbers on the clock
    So that
    You don’t
    Wake me up
    Before 6:00.
    When I
    Open my eyes
    No longer
    See a 5 on the left
    I will feel
    I have arrived.


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